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Help Bob Schimmel’s Kids

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Robert With Derek Who He Has Joined In Heaven


If you would like to donate. And any help would be so appreciated you can donate in two ways.

Through Chase the account is under Jacob Schimmel’s name .

When Robert Schimmel died on September 3rd he was no longer able to work due to end stage liver disease – and he was broke.    It wasn’t until after he died that I found out he was literally selling the clothes off of his back on ebay.  Robert moved home in June to take care of his father after his mother died – and to have his father take care of him.  But he was always there for his kids.  That was true even on August 26th when he promised to take them to dinner.  He felt too ill to go  but he didn’t not want to disappoint the boys.  So Aliyah offered to drive him that fateful night of their terrible accident.


His last picture just an hours before the accident.


On that night he took the kids to Island’s for dinner and danced for his three kids in the parking lot wearing a fedora and bandanna, those are the last pictures we have of him.

After dropping off his two younger kids Max and Sam home safely.  Aliyah, Robert and Jacob were heading home when the fatal crash happened.  The accident critically injured Aliyah, 19, eventually killed Robert and injured Jacob,11, who never lost consciousness and felt for his father’s pulse before escaping out a window.

Their car rolled countless times off of the freeway and into an embankment.  His last words were “wow” as he realized the impending crash.   Aliyah doesn’t remember a thing – but it will take her a year to recover from the brain injuries according to her doctors.

On September 3rd Robert, 60 years old, was taken off life support and died around 8:30pm.  Leaving three little boys and two big girls without a dad, a granddaughter without a grandpa and the world without brilliant comedy and the most generous heart.  His son Derek had already passed in 1992 from Cancer.  The guy who survived Cancer, a heart attack and countless other medical problems died in an unexpected car accident.

If you would like to donate.  And any help would be so appreciated you can donate in two ways.

Through Chase the account is under Jacob Schimmel’s name.

The funds will be used to help Aliyah and Jacob recover.  Melissa has decided to do her own fund raising for Sam and Max at a benefit in Arizona.

Thank You,

The Schimmel Family



At His Book Signing



Robert & Jacob



Robert & His Only Grandchild



The Only Pic I have Of My Dad and Mom With My Daughter



Aliyah And Her Dad